#MONEYMEANS is the concept that we asked talented media artists from Russia to visualize and to show the world a new, unique way to look at this simple yet complex challenge. Is there a way to re-think the meaning of money? Is there a way to express it through digital art?
This collection includes exceptional, one of a kind pieces by well known artists who are recognized worldwide and are rising stars with unique unicorn views of the world.
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Andrey works at the intersection of art, science, and new technologies. In his oeuvre, he utilizes AR and VR technologies, eye trackers, and analog media, harmoniously bounding these elements together. Above all, Andrey is attracted to urbanism, and through his efforts, Urban Files, the first NFT collection devoted to street art, saw the light.
Alexander is a digital artist, designer, and art director at CLAN. Among his most notable works is the film almanac “Lepota,” a design collaboration "33 Emblems of Moscow" and the NFT triptych created for the ZACHEM/WHY team. Alexander’s main belief is that the viewer’s emotional connection is the primary goal of his creations.
Vel is a Moscow-based digital and tattoo artist creating abstract paintings and forms on the skin. Implementing this method, she aims to establish a genuine connection between her own and her model’s mindsets.
Artem is a Moscow-based digital artist and computer graphics specialist. He is the creator and mastermind of the 42 CIS artists’ NFT collaboration. He has exhibited his NFT art at the Zaryadye underground museum in Moscow and created an AR project for a joint exhibition at the Hermitage and the British Museum. He provides informational and financial support to the community of aspiring digital artists.
Dmitry is a digital artist and director. His art combines dark, ironic, and inspiring stories centered around love and death. He is one of the masterminds and leaders of the AVE team, an association of creative content units that aims to continue to develop a visual culture in Russia and abroad.
AVE Repin calls himself an artist, photographer, and warrior of art. He prefers to work at the junction of photo and video, canvas and photoshop, and pen and stylus. AVE creates new universes with his work — everything around him is a weapon to turn an idea into reality.
Nikita is a multidisciplinary artist from St-Petersburg. Nikita’s aim, which he’s devoting his time and energy to, is bringing closer the day when humanity can delegate creative and artisan tasks to artificial neural networks. He is not only a skilled artist, but a coder as well.
Olga is a Bruxelles-based creator whose exhibitions have been held in England, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Her artwork is also exclusively represented at the Tanja Peters gallery in Ghent. Olga’s method illustrates a strong combination of dreams and fantasies, associations and visions. It is easy for the viewer to get lost in the bizarre and paradoxical forms and contexts of her masterpieces.
Ruslan is a liberal artist who is a lead designer at Moscow video production. He is oriented to the art itself rather than clients’ needs. In every one of his creations, Ruslan explores the subconscious and metaphors, giving shape and color to abstract concepts.
Oleg is a long-serving master of art who explores the physical and emotional aspects of human and animal relationships, the verge of ordinary and deviant, kitsch and art. His exhibition entitled ‘I believe’ opened at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. Oleg’s exhibitions have been held in Paris, Istanbul, Vienna, Kioto, New York, and Koln. His works can be found at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Center George Pompidou in Paris, and Tate Modern.
Olga has been experimenting with collages, or virtual visual semantic windows, for 30 years now. With the advent of 3D modeling, she became keen on how illusion can be turned into reality. Olga fancies registering the changes in the human mind, influenced by information flow and social media dominance. She monitors the formation of synthetic perception and new visual code.
Pokras Lampas is one of the most prominent representatives of modern calligraphy. His path in graffiti started in 2008. Inspired by the Calligraffiti movement, he got infected with the idea of self-developing in this direction. He experiments with modern calligraphy, applying and combining his knowledge of street culture, design, and typography of other artists and eras. In 2015, Pokras Lampas performed the world's first and largest calligraphy piece on a roof of a building in Moscow. This masterpiece can be seen from satellites and on Google Earth maps.
The art group PPSS was established in August 2020 by Sonya Stereostyrsĸi and Pavel Pepperstein. The group became one of the pioneers of Russian NFT art. In May 2021, the NFT product of the PPSS “New World” group was sold at the auction of the Rarible platform for 5 ETH. Currently, the group actively engages in crypto-art experiments in augmented reality, combining the most modern technologies with ancient magical practices.
Ivan Solyaev is a specialist in digital graphics. To many, his work may seem dark, strange, and intimidating, but in them, he tries to find out what will happen after people disappear into the darkness of the afterlife. Ivan collaborated with many top publications and managed to get into the 100th-anniversary edition of The New Republic along with such illustrators as Tomer Hanuka and Jao Ruas.
Tim is a digital/physical artist. Tim seeks to convey the elusive sense of the moment and emotions through his paintings, using physical and digital canvases. Love, death, loneliness, understanding of his place in the world, creative crisis and inspiration, relationships with himself and the people around him, the joy of learning and life are the leitmotifs of his work.
Farhad Farzali is a multi-genre artist. The main subjects of his work are the culture of his country and the new national identity of independent Azerbaijan. Farhad carefully examined the anthropological samples of his native culture, meticulously cataloged all forms of contemporary art and archaic elements, then reversed and actualized them to create neofolk artifacts.
i61 — the concept and the essence of Superman, whose desire for the knowledge of the unknowable is inseparable from modern culture. The i61 cannot be limited to one medium, and its hunger is tireless; graphics and painting, poetry and music, digital and video, 2D and 3D animation are equally appealing. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 80s, he integrates this creative renaissance era into modern hip-hop. As a result, each artist's release opens up a multiverse, whose characters become milestones in the i61's travels.
Dmitry Listov is a young Russian media artist from the depths of Russia, sublimating space and thoughts into his works. Not having a definite focus, he wants to surrender to any flow of art that will interest him, regardless of fashion and reality.
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